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Bringing together decision-makers from the public sector and tech scene, we would like to invite you to our 2021 GovTech Summit Pre-Event:

Title: Countering Manipulation & Fake News - Artificial Intelligence (AI), the silver bullet?

Date: Tuesday, 12 October 2021 from 5-6 pm (CET)


The session sheds light on the impact of social media manipulation & fake news on public and private institutions and elaborates on AI technologies and methods to counter potentially harmful content.



Nicole Büttner, Founder & CEO, Merantix Labs

Jonas Andrulis, Co-Founder & CEO, Aleph Alpha

Andreas Lezgus, CTO German Federal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt)


Moderation & welcoming remarks:

Nils Hoffmann, Managing Director, PUBLIC Germany

Max Dunhill, EMEA Business Development Lead, Oracle for Startups



The age of digitization has changed the way we communicate and obtain, disseminate, and exchange information. Until recently, there has been a clear distinction between consumers of information (i.e., radio listeners) and those responsible for creating and disseminating (sending) messages, news and information, i.e., media outlets/journalists. Yet today, as a result of social media, the dividing line between consumer and disseminator has been blurred. At any point, any consumer can become a disseminator of information, some significantly more effective than many traditional media outlets. Due to this transformation, the potential danger of strategically deployed communication used to manipulate information discourses is higher than ever. The phenomena of manipulation and fake news are not novel, yet their impact is felt more heavily than ever before.

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