1st November 2022  /  The Hague, Netherlands

The GovTech Summit

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For 2022, PUBLIC is celebrated Excellence in Supporting GovTech Innovation, with the 2022 GovTech Awards.

The Awards have now closed, with the winner celebrated live at the GovTech Summit 2022!

The GovTech Awards

The GovTech Awards shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting projects supporting GovTech innovation around the world. In the run-up to The GovTech Summit, we have started a Global GovTech Initiative Map to showcase the most impactful projects supporting GovTech innovation in the last year. All entries will be automatically enrolled into the GovTech Awards 2022 and reviewed by an international jury of researchers, senior civil servants, and innovators. 

The GovTech Awards are driven by a mission to share best practice and recognise the ecosystem supporting leading technological innovators and global policymakers. Together we will celebrate the international community of organisations working towards the common goal of supporting GovTech Innovation.
The Awards have now closed, with the winner celebrated live at the GovTech Summit 2022!
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StartupES - Public Innovation Solutions Hiring Program of Espirito Santo State - Brazil
Public Innovation Solutions
StartupES - Public Innovation Solutions Hiring Program of Espirito Santo State - Brazil
Future Borders & Immigration System Programme
The FBIS programme has implemented transformational change for everyone who interacts with the immigration system and crosses the border. It is delivering a fully end-to-end digital customer experience for people from the way they apply online, how they prove their identity, to how they prove their status to cross the border and demonstrate any entitlements in the UK.
LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0
LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 is a European project for the scaling up of innovative technology for the control and automation of co-digestion in WWTPs to produce green energy on demand. This automatic dosing technology favours the treatment of putrescible organic waste and sewage sludge for biogas production, both in the form of heat and electricity. The project contributes to the circular economy model, the sustainable energy transition, and the creation of green jobs.
Public Procurement Commission
The Public Procurement Commission (PPC) is the highest administrative body in the procurement field reviewing complaints related to public procurement procedures, concessions/public private partnerships, public auctions, and competition procedures for mining permits.
Irish Open Data Programme
The Irish Government’s Open Data Programme has included all Public Service Bodies and made their data discoverable and available for reuse. It had encouraged data sharing with wider stakeholders across all sectors. It has led projects to concentrate data collection and proving utility in focussed projects such as population health (https://haleandhearty.ie/) It is progressing to promote shared data between PSBs. It is led by a Unit that recognises the benefit for public services and the public.
CircularInnoBooster Fashion and Textile is a project that aims to transform companies in the fashion and textile industry into sustainable, circular, and regenerative ones. It is composed of an international consortium led by the European Institute of Design (IED), together with Texfor, Circulab, Finnova and The Circular Project with HumanNation.
Spend Network
Using open data, Spend Network have developed an analytical model that relies on state of the art machine learning to estimate the carbon outputs of every contracting in the UK. Using this analysis we can help buyers to isolate tenders and contracts that are likely to create the greatest amount of emissions before they are let. This gives buyers the capacity to issue tender specifications that require lower carbon emissions and sets a benchmark for measuring emissions from contracts going forwards.
GovTech LATAM is an open innovation project that brings new digital solutions to the great challenges of the participating municipalities. The project articulates the GovTech ecosystem of Latin America, making visible the potential of entrepreneurial companies that, based on technology and data, generate new solutions capable of impact at scale.
BrazilLAB is the first govtech innovation hub from Brazil and Latin America. We are pioneers on the GovTech agenda in the region through a series of activities, from reports to events, but the main one being our GovTech Startups Acceleration Program that already had 6 batches with 132 startups and SMEs accelerated.
The Competence Center for Innovative Procurement: KOINNO - Germany
KOINNO contributes to promoting the innovation of public procurement as a nationwide competence centre. KOINNO supports public sector clients in setting up or restructuring their purchasing department to become an efficient procurement agency. They share examples of innovative procurement processes and host a series of events and education programmes.
The Civil Service Data Challenge - UK
The Civil Service Data Challenge’s mission is to find innovative ways to make better use of data within the Civil Service. Teams of Civil Service volunteers develop ideas, pitching them to the judges – where the best entries receive both technical advice and development support from partner NTT DATA UK.
STATION F - France
Station F is the World's biggest startup campus, located in Paris. It gathers an entrepreneurial ecosystem together; including over 30 startup programs, 35 public administrations, 40 VC funds, and 4 mentorship offices. Station F organises over 600 events per year which vary from small committee workshops to large-scale conferences.
Presidential Innovation Fellowship - USA
The Presidential Innovation Fellowship recruits senior technologists from the private sector into the Federal Government to develop new innovation opportunities. Approximately 20 fellows are selected each year & 53% of PIFs continue in government roles. PIF success stories include the launch of telehealth.hhs.gov & the Coronavirus Chatbot.
Startup in Residence - Netherlands
Startup in Residence is a challenge-based approach to the procurement of innovative technologies, wherein startups compete for a place on a six-month programme tackling a specific problem set by civil servants. During the programme, participants receive training on topics ranging from intellectual property management to local government procurement.
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme - UK
The NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme enables medical professionals to build a HealthTech startup alongside their clinical duties, supported by government funding.The programme offers a curriculum built around a series of training days, offering crash courses in running an early-stage venture, supported by access to training materials from partner universities.
LaunchVic - Australia
LaunchVic is the Australian state government of Victoria’s startup agency that supports GovTech startups through its accelerator programme, CivVic Labs, which puts companies in front of government officials. CivVic Labs supports GovTech startups in partnership with the Public Sector Innovation Fund and includes access to other services such as mentorship and founder resources. LaunchVic has provided over $21.8m grants to accelerators.
Israel Innovation Authority - Israel
The Israel Innovation Authority is a publicly funded agency that promotes innovation in Israel by allowing public authorities to submit Calls for Proposals to the startup ecosystem. The Israel Innovation Authority supports tech companies and operates a Startup Division through an incubator and innovation lab.
Innovation Agency Lithuania - Lithuania
GovTech Lab worked with 70+ public sector challenges solved by 60+ innovative companies.In 2021, the team secured a unique funding from the government, where 2M € were distributed to public sector institutions to run experiments via innovative procurement (design contests).Almost 6000 community members attended GovTech Lab’s events. The team won the Innovation in Politics award in 2019 and was awarded in 2020 by Project Management Institute (Lithuanian Chapter) as the Best Public Sector Project.
GovTech Polska - Poland
GovTech Polska is a cross-ministerial task force aiming to ​​support innovation for Poland's government and public sector. GovTech Polska’s utilisation of design contents allows government procurement agencies to view a large number of initial designs (MVPs) as part of the contest, before down-selecting those it wishes to progress with.
GovTech Lab Lithuania - Lithuania
GovTech Lab helps the public sector identify challenges that can be solved by emerging technologies and engages startups and SMEs to co-create solutions. It focuses on three key activity areas: 1) Helping solve GovTech challenges 2) Building GovTech community 3) Improving public sector innovation skills.
Cordoba Smart City Fund - Argentina
The Córdoba Smart City Fund (CCI Fund) was created by the Municipality of Córdoba to consolidate the city of Córdoba into a smart and regional innovation hub. The CCI Fund is part of CorLab which also provides services such as Smart City Radar to spotlight MVP solutions and consulting schemes.
CivTech Scotland - Scotland
CivTech is the Scottish Government’s 15-week Accelerator that offers streamlined procurements to GovTech innovators, as challenges with additional business growth support. Successful respondents are paid over a series of stages to work with public sector organisations to develop their proposals from ideas through to commercially viable products
Brazil Lab - Brazil
Brazil Lab is a GovTech Hub that connects startups with the Government through its accelerator programme, events series and certification programme, which authenticates startups credited to sell to the government. The BrazilLAB Accelerator supports B2G startups and SMEs validate their GovTech solutions. BrazilLAB has accelerated over 110 accelerated startups and 49% of the portfolio has gone on to secure public sector work.
Accelerate Estonia - Estonia
Accelerate Estonia is a testbed for startups to develop and test solutions to public sector challenges. Through interviews and public events, Accelerate Estonia identifies the ministries open to innovation and new solutions. In partnership, a call for innovators is launched for startups that offer possible solutions to complex issues.
10x Fund - USA
The success of the 10x Fund has been recognised globally. Since launching in 2015, the Fund has backed over 268 projects. Flagship digital services such as Code.gov, Login.gov and Pra.digital.gov all started as 10x Fund projects. The Fund was recognised with a US Government Innovation Award.
We don’t believe in boxes! So if your work involves supporting GovTech innovation in any shape or size, the GovTech Awards are for you.

Here is an idea of the kinds of projects we would love to hear from:
Facilitating Govtech Entrepreneurship
- Are you involved in supporting private sector GovTech innovators through grants, acceleration, education, advice, legal advice etc?

- Are you involved in supporting public sector GovTech intrapreneurship?
Supporting Innovative Procurement
- Are you involved in supporting civil servants in the planning and/or execution of innovative procurement procedures?

- Have you completed an innovative procurement procedure?
Convening Govtech Communities
- Are you involved in supporting GovTech innovators through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing or providing networking opportunities etc?

- Are you involved in convening an innovation focused community for civil servants?

Get the recognition you deserve!
We will:

/  Award the top project with a £1000 travel subsidy for the winning team to receive their ‘Excellence in supporting GovTech innovation’ award in person, featured on the GovTech Summit Live Stream

/  Feature the 2 runner-up projects with video promotion on the GovTech Summit live stream

/  Profile the top 5 projects in a blog post published after the GovTech Summit.

/  Feature all eligible submissions on the Global GovTech Initiative Map.
Applications for the Awards have now closed, but you can still apply to feature on our Global GovTech Initiative map!

To be eligible for the award, you will need to submit:

/  One organisation profile through the survey

/  One or more project profiles through the survey
You are able to submit as many projects as you would like. We will feature all eligible projects on the Global GovTech Initiative Map and all projects will be automatically submitted to the GovTech Awards.
To be eligible for the award, your organisation must be one or more of:

/  Publicly funded

/  Governed by public procurement law

/  Non-profit organisation