The Agenda

The GovTech Summit 2021 convened a unique combination of senior public sector leaders and cutting-edge innovators to drive thought leadership on the most critical issues in the GovTech sector. Take a look below to see what took

place at this edition of The GovTech Summit and watch any sessions you may have missed.


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The Agenda 2021 - Day 2

The programme at the GovTech Summit combines a unique combination of senior public sector leaders and cutting edge entrepreneurs. This year we added a second, unmissable track to the agenda - read on for full details.

Please note, timings for all sessions are CEST (GMT+2).



09:20 - 09:25 CEST
Welcome - Day 2


09:25 - 09:45 CEST



  • Raymond Knops, State Secretary for the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands

  • Jan van Zanen, Mayor of The Hague

09:50 - 10.10 CEST
FIRESIDE CHAT: Impact of Covid-19 on the HealthTech landscape

How has the pandemic changed the way we approach HealthTech? What tech efforts worked well over the last 18 months, and what needs to change moving forward? 


  • Daniel Korski, CEO & Co-Founder, PUBLIC

  • Ron Roozendaal, Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands

10.15 - 11.00 CEST

PANEL: The state of GovTech in the Netherlands

What is the current state of the Dutch GovTech market? How can the Government, investors and innovators collaborate to help drive forward GovTech within The Netherlands?


  • Rogier Klimbie, Co-Founder, GovTech NL (moderator)

  • Nitesh Bharosa, GovTech Professor, TU Delft

  • Constantijn van Oranje, Startup Envoy, 

  • Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage, Chair, Pels Rijcken

  • Nathan Ducastel, Association of the Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)

11.05 - 11.45 CEST

PANEL: Shaping the spaces we live in: Innovation in cities of the future

How can we utilise innovative technologies to make our cities more liveable, more sustainable and more efficient post-Covid? How can we better engage citizens in the design of their own spaces?


  • Danny Frietman, Co-Founder, GovTech NL (moderator)

  • Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer, City of Amsterdam

  • Deborah Cadman, Chief Executive of West Midlands Combined Authority

  • Fotis Talantzis, CEO & Co-Founder, Novoville 

  • Thibault Castagne, CEO & Co-Founder, Vianova

11:50 - 12.30 CEST
PANEL: Smarter government? The future of civic engagement  

How can Governments better engage citizens to improve public policy design and service delivery? How can technology support citizen engagement?


  • Syma Cullasy-Aldridge, Director of External Affairs, PUBLIC (moderator)

  • Peter Fleischmann, Vice President ERP EMEA, Oracle

  • Eyal Feder-Levy, CEO and Co-Founder, Zencity

  • Ton Jonker, Chief Information Officer, Provincie Zuid-Holland 


12.35 - 13.15 CEST

PANEL: The next frontier of technology in public procurement

How can the public sector use its purchasing power through procurement to enact real change in existing sectors? How can procurement reform support the growth of GovTech startups?


  • Johnny Hugill, Head of Research, PUBLIC

  • Duncan Waardenburg, Projectleider Startup in Residence at Provincie Zuid-Holland

  • Rolf Zeldenrust, Innovation Adviser, PIANOo

  • Johanna Hirscher, Partner, McKinsey

  • Grant Johnstone, Head of Government Engagement Europe, Mastercard

13.20 - 13.40 CEST
FIRESIDE CHAT: A crisis in confidence? Technology as a tool to build back public trust in government


  • Amélie de Montchalin, Minister for Transformation and Public Service for France

  • Louis Jamart, Senior Manager in Climate Change and Health, PUBLIC


09:45 - 09:50 CEST
Welcome - Day 2


09:50 - 10.10 CEST
FIRESIDE CHAT: Ethics & AI in healthcare


  • Dr Ali Parsa, Founder & CEO, Babylon

  • André Rogaczewski, CEO, Netcompany

  • Alexander de Carvalho, CIO & Co-Founder, PUBLIC

10.15 - 11.10 CEST
PANEL: Implementing sustainable transformation in Governments

One of the biggest barriers to digital transformation in Government is organisational change. How can we manage long-term, meaningful change across the public sector? What is the best approach to this? Can the public sector learn anything from the private sector?


  • Cameron Scott, Director of Transformation, PUBLIC (moderator)

  • Amandine Le Pape, COO and Co-Founder, Element 

  • André Rogaczewski, CEO, Netcompany 

  • Anthony Finkelstein, Former Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security to HM Government and President of City, University College London

  • Siim Sikkut, Chief Information Officer, Government of Estonia

  • Radhika Chadwick, Parter, McKinsey

11.15 - 11.40 CEST

WORKSHOP: HealthTech Innovation: co-creating transformative digital solutions with the NHS

Join this interactive workshop with Patchwork Health’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dr Anas Nader, to learn how Patchwork co-created a workforce management solution with its NHS innovation partners and then scaled across 70+ organisations. In this session you will gain key insights into why Patchwork chose to co-design a unique rostering solution with the NHS, what successful partnerships between private and public sectors look like, and how this approach to HealthTech innovation achieves the optimal outcomes for the patient, clinician, and system. 


  • Dr Anas Nader, CEO and Co-Founder, Patchwork

11:50 - 12.30 CEST

PANEL: How can technology make our healthcare systems more accessible?

How can innovative tech solutions increase accessibility and affordability in healthcare through greater flexibility and connectivity?


  • Edd Elliott, Head of Growth, PUBLIC (moderator)

  • Maddy Phipps-Taylor, CEO, Eva Health Technologies 

  • Simon Eccles, Chief Clinical Information Officer, NHSX

  • Max Parmentier, CEO and Co-Founder, Birdie 

  • André Rogaczewski, CEO, Netcompany 

  • Lisbeth Nielsen, Director General, Danish Health Data Authority

12.35 - 13.15 CEST

PANEL: The future of Digital Government

What will digital public services look like in 5-10 years? 

What can we learn from international best practice and private sector service design to build the next generation of digital public services? 

How can we design effective personalised and proactive digital public services?

How can we tighten the feedback loops between citizens and the services they use? 

What steps can we take to build public confidence in digital public services?


  • Henry Taylor, Policy Associate, PUBLIC (moderator)

  • Rob Shuter, CEO Enterprise, BT

  • Laure Lucchesi, Director, Etalab

  • Tom Read, CEO and Director General, Government Digital Service

  • Sally Meecham, Chief Executive Officer at Centre for Digital Public Services Wales

13.20 - 13.40 CEST
FIRESIDE CHAT: A crisis in confidence? Technology as a tool to build back public trust in government


  • Amélie de Montchalin, Minister for Transformation and Public Service for France

  • Louis Jamart, Senior Manager in Climate Change and Health, PUBLIC

13.45 - 14.25 CEST

Startup Showcase - Pitch GovTech

The Pitch GovTech Showcase will bring together the most exciting innovators transforming the public sector. The showcase invites them to pitch their innovations to new potential partners, investors and customers as well as giving the primes and Government easy access to the top innovators. Audience members will be able to ask key questions and engage with the Founders on their products and applications within public services.

14.30 - 14:35 CEST

Closing Remarks

13.45 - 14.00 CEST
FIRESIDE CHAT: GovTech in The Hague: In conversation with Marijn Fraanje, CIO, Den Haag


  • Marijn Fraanje, CIO, Den Haag

14.30 - 14:35 CEST

Closing Remarks