1st November 2022  /  The Hague, Netherlands

The GovTech Summit

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The GovTech Summit

Following the success of four previous editions spanning three host countries - and a pandemic-induced virtual venue - PUBLIC is once again brought together global policy leaders and cutting-edge innovators to discuss how digital technologies can transform public services, at The GovTech Summit 2022.

We we're thrilled to be back in-person this year - hosting the Summit at the World Forum; an iconic venue in The Hague, with over fifty years of experience hosting notable international events. Virtual events have proven to be valuable and engaging through the past two years, but we knew there was no replacement for the experience of sharing a physical space with others. We we're thrilled to bring together a global audience of 1,200+ for a full-day of panel discussions, interactive workshops, 1-to-1 chats and informal opportunities for connecting and communicating with GovTech leaders.
When we hosted the inaugural Summit in Paris in 2017, ‘GovTech’ was an emerging idea with just a handful of committed policymakers around the world leading the charge. Fast forward to 2022, and GovTech is now not only recognised by governments but prioritised as a crucial component for making public services more efficient, more effective and more accessible.

With a climate emergency growing exponentially more pressing, a global pandemic still bringing consequences around the world and emerging technologies positioned to fundamentally disrupt nearly every aspect of citizens’ lives, the importance of digital transformation has never been clearer. Now, more than ever, our global environment demands from us ambitious ideas, future-facing strategies, and innovative solutions. The GovTech Summit exists to meet this moment.

The GovTech Summit showcases the most innovative GovTech solutions on the market, creating an open conversation between policy-makers, entrepreneurs and investors about the technologies that will form the backbone of the public sector as it embraces the digital age faster than ever before.

/ Our Previous Summits

Past summits have seen high profile national leaders - including UN Secretary-General António Guterres, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair - share a stage with the companies transforming services across the public sector - providing a unique platform from which to address the biggest challenges governments will face in years to come.

/ Our 2022 Event

This year, we welcomed a world-class lineup of speakers to share their experiences and insights into how GovTech can help us to build more responsive, accessible and inclusive public services. We dove into topics ranging from leveraging digital technologies to reach our climate goals to digitally transforming our healthcare systems to unleashing the power of artificial intelligence in cross-sector applications. With an international outlook and disruptive perspective, The GovTech Summit 2022 sought to drive innovation, impact and - ultimately - better public services for our future. Stay tuned for our 2022 Conference Replay coming soon, to hear the insight from the day, and be a part of the action.


PUBLIC helps reimagine and build digitally-enabled public services. We started life as an accelerator and investor and have evolved to become Europe’s leading government-focused technology company.

Led by Daniel Korski, ex-deputy head of the No.10 policy unit and venture investor Alexander de Carvalho, PUBLIC is a ‘policy-to-product’ business - keen on shaping policy, transforming systems and finding and developing the products that can bring the policy to life.

Since 2016 we have helped to create and are a part of a leading ecosystem helping to solve pressing issues in the public domain. We built PUBLIC amidst Europe’s startup ecosystem, helped shape “GovTech” and firmly believe new companies are critical to government transformation.
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We are honoured to be joined by the following partners in making The GovTech Summit 2022 the world’s leading event for public sector innovation.