The GovTech Summit 2020 

From Crisis to Recovery

The GovTech Summit brings together the world's brightest technological innovators with Europe’s leading public sector decision makers to rethink how governments can operate and thrive in the new post-COVID-19 world. This virtual event offers you access to some of the most prominent political and public figures leading Europe's accelerating transfer to the digital economy and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.


We've been delighted to bring you such an inspirational lineup of speakers for our 2020 virtual event. From European ministers to industry leaders and startups, they've all shared the impact of COVID and the great steps forward towards recovery. Learnings from our speakers have highlighted the important role technology has to play as sessions addressed healthtech, skilling up governments, the future of work and how technology can help us to adapt our cities to make them safe and sustainable. 


Don't worry if you missed any sessions, we'll be making these available on our website in the next couple of days so please do check back. And, in the meantime, if you'd like to be involved in our future events, please email us or register your interest to attend or partner. We look forward to welcoming you to our future events.

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Our Inspirational Speakers


Ana Brnabić 

Prime Minister, Republic of Serbia

The GovTech Summit 2020 Speaker - Tony B

Rt Hon Tony Blair 

Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Asha Haji

Co-Founder & COO

Founders Academy


Jens Spahn

Minister of Health


The GovTech Summit 2020 Speaker - Elizab

Elizabeth Denham

Information Commissioner,

Information Commissioner's Office, UK

The GovTech Summit 2020 - Speaker - Amel

Amélie de Montchalin

Minister Of Public Transformation and Civil Service,


The GovTech Summit 2020 Speaker - Raymon
The GovTech Summit 2020 Speaker - RT Hon

Rt Hon. Matt Hancock MP

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, UK

 GovTech Summit 2020 Speaker - Rachel Mu

Rachel Murphy



The GovTech Summit 2020 Speaker - Nikola

Nikolai Astrup

Minister of Local Government & Modernisation

Rachel Coldicut

Independent Technology Strategist

Careful Industries

The GovTech Summit 2020 Speaker - Cecili
The GovTech Summit Speaker 2020 - Juliet

Raymond Knops

State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations

The Netherlands

Juliet Bauer 

Managing Director,

Livi UK

Cedric O

Secretary of State for Digital & Telecommunications,


Cecilia Lonning - Skovgaard

Mayor of Employment & Integration,

The Municipality of Copenhagen

Dominic Campbell




Pitch Competition

The Pitch Competition is a virtual competition happening in the context of the GovTech Summit events.


We continuously search for great technologies powered by startups, that have helped government departments around the world during the pandemic.


At the live pitch final for 2020, shortlisted companies gained their chance to present their solution together with their government partner in front of an international audience of policy makers and investors.

Congratulations to this year's winner SkillLab! Find out more about their innovative technology here.

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Our GovTech Summit events will provide you with the perfect platform to showcase your company to a dedicated audience of senior personnel working in areas such as policy, innovation, digital transformation, technology and more.

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Whether it's unlocking the secrets behind the role of technology in helping governments to answer challenges within the new ecosystem, or how public bodies can evolve to be more responsive to post-crisis challenges, by registering you'll join an elite audience of senior leaders shaping the political landscape of today and the future. Register your interest to hear about future events.

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Have you played a significant role, shaping policy in the COVID-19 crisis? Do you have insights into the work place of the future, taking the learnings of recent months to help shape the working world of tomorrow? If you have thoughts and ideas you'd like to share please get in touch using the link below.

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Conference Crowd

Agenda - 2020

The programme at the GovTech Summit 2020 combined a unique combination of senior public sector leaders and cutting edge entrepreneurs. This dynamic blend provided a perfect opportunity for attendees and speakers alike to explore the future of public services, and how technology will change the way in which governments operate.

Sessions included: 

  • 09:15 - FIRESIDE CHAT: How should we reconfigure government to better deliver for citizens in a post-COVID era? Tony Blair, former Prime Minister, UK


  • 10:00 - PANEL: Transforming Government: How public bodies will evolve to be more responsive to post-crisis challenges?

  • 11:00 - PANEL: HealthTech: Has the pandemic accelerated the adoption of tech in health and social care?

  • 12:30 - PANEL: The Future of Work: If remote working is the 'new normal', what does this mean for the Government?

  • 13:30 - PANEL: Track and Trace: What impact has COVID had on attitudes to surveillance technology?

  • 14:35 - PANEL: Living with COVID: How can technology help us to adapt our cities to make them safe and sustainable?

  • 15:30 - PANEL: Skilling up Governments

  • 16:30 - PANEL: Algorithmic Government: Risks and Opportunities

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